TriCore is more than just a gym. It’s a lifestyle. Amazing things happen inside our fitness studio. With every workout, you’ll push past physical boundaries, open your mind, and free your spirit. You’ll turn fear into strength, stress into confidence, and strangers into friends. Come find YOUR Tribe.  #TriCoreTribe

Our signature TriCore Fitness Program is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Each of our fitness classes is specifically designed to fire up your strength, ignite your endurance, and enhance your mobility. We bring the best of both worlds together with 30-minutes of cross-training followed by a 30-minute Pilates session on the Reformer. TriCore Fitness classes range in challenge, flow, and style to fit every experience level.



meet our  team

Stefannie DeLaMora


Stefannie has dedicated her life to helping people improve their quality of life through bodywork and movement. Over the past 20 years Stefannie has studied everything from massage therapy, Pilates, and Personal Training with a focus on developing cross training programs that not only improve fitness but also help her clients become less susceptible to injuries.


This style of cross training, combining functional training techniques with Pilates exercises, is the basis of her signature TriCore Training Program. TriCore was developed with the understanding that our bodies need a variety of functional, fluid movement.


Stefannie’s passion for supporting people on their journey of personal development goes beyond coaching clients. She also teaches an 8-Week Pilates Teacher Training Program and a 6-Month Coaching Mentoring Program that teaches individuals to operate successful fitness businesses through business practices, marketing, and personal development. Email Stefannie@TriCoreFit.com for private sessions.



Brooke started teaching Pilates about 9 years ago after completing her first teacher training back home in New York.  A part-time job, teaching a few classes per week, slowly evolved into her full-time passion project as a teacher, trainer, and mentor.  Pilates started her down the path to becoming a personal trainer, spin instructor, and find new fitness modalities to learn about and teach.  Small group and private training have become her specialty.   


After Brooke took her first class at TriCore, she knew this would be her new home.   Always trying to sneak more strength work into Pilates classes, the TriCore concept seemed like an absolutely natural progression.


Bringing a big smile and big energy to every session, Brooke’s goal as a coach is to help people find their personal strength and feel powerful at every age!

Ariel Delamora


Being Stefannie’s daughter means that Ariel has been around health, wellness, and fitness for as long as she can remember. She’s always had an appreciation for it but her excitement has grown more since graduating college and coming home to the TriCore family.⁣

She grew up in Scottsdale and then moved away to attend the University of Colorado where she studied Sociology & Criminal Justice. Since graduating, she's back in Arizona working as a private teacher for two kindergarten students. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her pups, friends, and family.⁣

She’s so excited to officially be part of the TriCore team and see more of the TriCore Tribe!⁣


Paula rigby


Paula began practicing Pilates 5 years ago after a series of injuries prevented her from participating in more traditional workouts and it was love at first plank!


Having come from a background of dance (ask her about her time as a Go-Go dancer in Boston), it was a natural progression. What she didn't expect to discover was how meditative Pilates was for her and how much mobility and strength she was able to recover. Pilates completely changed her relationship with movement and alignment and she is dedicated to expanding her practice and helping others find their own paths to well-being.


The TriCore community is a beautiful balance of hard work, support, laughter and puppies and Paula is thrilled to be a part of the TriCore Tribe!

Skylar Eherenstrom


Skylar has lived in Arizona for most of her life with her parents and several fur babies. She has been an athlete throughout her school career, between swimming, dancing and being a cheerleader in high school. She also was on the Women’s Rowing team at Villanova University during her freshman year of college which is where a large part of her strength training background comes in. She especially loves workouts that involve the rowing machine!⁣

When Skylar isn’t at Tricore, she is most likely studying as she is a nursing student working to become a registered nurse. Skylar has always had a passion for health and fitness, and Tricore is truly the ideal place to put these two together.⁣

Skylar has been doing Pilates for about three years, and she is very excited to start her journey as a new teacher at Tricore! One of her favorite things about this gym is the community that it fosters. Skylar says, “From the first time that I walked into this space, I felt so welcomed and comfortable. I was truly able to be myself and this allowed me to grow my confidence as well as become stronger both physically and mentally!” Tricore is truly a second family to Skylar, and she hopes that her teaching and classes make people love Tricore as much as she does.

Client Testimonials

I loved this class. Stefannie is an amazing instructor. I really liked the 50% weights and 50% reformer combo. The workout was challenging, enjoyable and my body felt great afterward too. 100% recommend this place. And it’s a big plus that TriCore is run by badass women. The place has empowering and body-positive quotes all over. Don’t hesitate to book a class with any of their instructors.

—  Classpass

Combination of HIIT and Pilates Reformer. Best of both worlds! Enjoyed the classes and the facility is nice & clean. Owners cute little pupper hangs out too which always brings a smile. Definitely worth checking out & taking classes!

—  Google

 I was so nervous to attend a class in a setting I had never been. I think that normal. I had the best time and an amazing workout in the fundamental class! So much support throughout and the other attendees were so nice. I can’t wait to go back and bring my husband!

—  Classpass