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TriCore is more than just a gym. It’s a lifestyle. Amazing things happen inside our fitness studio. With every workout, you’ll push past physical boundaries, open your mind and free your spirit. You’ll turn fear into strength, stress into confidence, and strangers into friends. Come find YOUR Tribe.  #TriCoreTribe

Our signature TriCore Fitness Program is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Each of our fitness classes is specifically designed to fire up strength, ignite your endurance, and enhance your mobility. We bring the best of both worlds together with 30-minutes of cross training followed by a 30-minute Pilates session on the Reformer. TriCore Fitness classes range in challenge, flow and style to fit every experience level.


meet our  team

Stefannie DeLaMora has dedicated her life to helping people improve their quality of life through bodywork and movement. Over the past 20 years Stefannie has studied everything from massage therapy, Pilates, and Personal Training with a focus on developing cross training programs that not only improve fitness but also help her clients become less susceptible to injuries.


This style of cross training, combining functional training techniques with Pilates exercises, is the basis of her signature TriCore Training Program. TriCore was developed with the understanding that our bodies need a variety of functional, fluid movement.


Stefannie’s passion for supporting people on their journey of personal development goes beyond coaching clients. She also teaches an 8-Week Pilates Teacher Training Program and a 6-Month Coaching Mentoring Program that teaches individuals to operate successful fitness businesses through business practices, marketing, and personal development. Email for private sessions.

Teresa Brenneman has been fascinated by the human body all of her life. Her interest in movement and helping others lead her to personal training, Pilates, and bodywork. She specializes in various forms of physical, energetic and emotional healing such as stretch therapy, Reiki, and structural joint balancing. She's passionate about helping others get out of pain and feel balanced and at-home in their bodies.


Teresa understands that exercise and wellness is not one-size-fits all. She is a supporter of Health at Every Size, self-love, and body respect. After years of suffering from an eating disorder and compulsive over-exercising, she healed herself through inner work, Pilates, Eastern medicine, and following the principles of Intuitive Eating. She knows how important emotional and physical well-being are intertwined and enjoys incorporating personal evolution practices into her coaching style.


Her favorite thing about TriCore is the variety of ways in which you're able to engage in a movement practice that works for YOU.  She knows the importance of offering options, making movement flow and be fluid, and not being dogmatic about your approach to fitness. She aims to make TriCore an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone.

Teresa takes private clients for bodywork, Pilates and strength coaching. You can book with her by emailing or directly through her personal website:

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Boost muscular endurance, increase stability and become less susceptible to injuries while reducing stress on joints and helping prevent the inevitable loss of muscle mass that comes with aging.


Build your strength and endurance threshold so that you can increase lean body mass, improve overall muscle tone and achieve your health and fitness targets. Burn fat, boost your metabolism and increase energy.


Utilize the Pilates method to integrate mind, body and spirit and increase your overall range of motion to maximize strength potential. Restore joint health and mobility, correct muscular imbalances and improve posture while minimizing soreness and joint pain.