We offer a variety of classes for all experience levels. If you're new to working out, we highly suggest starting with a FOUNDATION class before doing a FIRE class, but movement can always be modified to suit your needs. Our experienced coaches are here to support you and offer modifications so you can feel comfortable and confident throughout the class.

TriCore Fire

Turn your stress into sweat. TriCore Fire is a high intensity class that engages every muscle with functional cardio and strength training. This class is fast-paced and consists of 30-minutes of plyometrics, strength and power movements and 30-minutes of Reformer Pilates. Unleash your inner warrior.  




Where alignment meets power. This invigorating full-body workout breaks down the basics of movement. It explores fundamental exercises while working every muscle through conscious movement at a moderate pace. This class incorporates 30-minutes of stability and balance training and 30-minutes of Reformer Pilates. *Ideal for beginners!


simply  pilates

 A true blend of balance, core strength and flexibility, this class is a full 60-minutes on the Pilates Reformer. Our Pilates classes embody the traditional Pilates principles with a contemporary edge. Each flow is designed to restore balance to your mind and your body as you move through each movement while connecting to your breath. Never been on a Reformer? That's okay! However, we highly recommend taking a few private sessions before attending class. We offer new members 3 Personal Training sessions for $99. Email or call 602.689.5095 to schedule!